Living Your Faith is for teens who want to explore
big questions about what it means to be
brave and faithful followers of Christ

June 25–30, 2017

“I know there aren’t simple answers to many of my questions about God, but through classes and conversations about them, I’ve come to hold my faith and convictions even closer.”

Jackie Griffin ’18, LYFmentor

“I love my religion classes. It’s been such an enlightening experience to learn about God and see how my faith intersects with all subjects.”

Allyson Pettit ’20, LYFmentor

“Northwestern is helping me find my calling by surrounding me with people I can talk openly with and discuss life’s hard choices.”

Kadence Feininger ’19, LYFmentor

“I’m not 100% sure where God is calling me. What I have become sure of is that wherever I go, I feel called to be a role model—to help others in their walk with Christ.”

Cole Cruse ’19, LYFmentor

“I’ve grown in my faith by doing spiritual disciplines on a routine basis. They enable me to focus on becoming more and more like Christ every day.”

Dana Van Ostrand ’20, LYFmentor

“While we grow and learn more about ourselves and God, we become more of who God is calling us to be.”

Ashley Doran ’17, LYFmentor

“Northwestern is helping me consider all the vocational possibilities within ministry, enabling me to broaden my understanding of how God can use someone for kingdom work.”

Steven Clark ’18, LYFmentor

“Some of my greatest passions in life include God, education, building meaningful relationships and being awkward. I think LYF engages these all at once.”

Danielle Rossell ’17, LYFmentor

“Living out your faith is incredibly important. I love walking alongside people trying to improve their walk with God.”

Brian Follett ’18, LYFmentor